Postpartum Depression: Alternative therapies to combat it (II)

Depression post birth is quite common among mothers, 13% of women who gave birth struggle with this problem up to a year after having her son. Fortunately there are very useful natural treatments to counteract this condition and allow women to enjoy your child and motherhood to the fullest pleasure.

Trans-magnetic stimulation: a novel, noninvasive therapy to treat postpartum depression. It is based on the control of mood through magnetic waves that regulate and stimulate the brain cells.

Exercise: regular exercise improves mood and emotions creating a remarkable sense of well being by stimulating the secretion of endorphins, the hormone called humor.

Relaxing massage: Massage is the best way to pamper your body, renew energy, relax the mind and body while helping to dispose of all negative thoughts and feelings.

Proper nutrition: healthy eating is essential to keep in good health physically and mentally, so we should not dismiss it and deserves the same attention as the little baby’s diet.

A diet rich in all essential nutrients like folic acid, calcium, iron, manganese, protein, good fats, carbohydrates and magnesium is essential for women in postpartum stage. The omega-3 fatty acids help mainly to have a healthy mind, these are abundant in foods like nuts, fish, etc.

Psychotherapy is what is known as cognitive behavioral therapy, women with postpartum depression need to see a therapist so he can determine the reason that triggers depression and propose ways to deal with it.

Sleep well: in general, mothers who breastfeed their children have trouble getting adequate rest. Therefore it is important to be able to get a deep sleep while the baby is sleeping, for this we must ask for help from family members to care for the baby and have an uninterrupted sleep for a few hours.