HIV Symptoms

People should know more about HIV symptoms and HIV prevention. The only way to avoid any illness is to learn about how it is transmitted. You should know more about HIV symptoms, because this can help you detect HIV in time. If diagnosed early, HV can be treated and its symptoms can be kept under control. However, if left untreated, HIV will most certainly cause AIDS. AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. It leads to death. We will tell you more about HIV symptoms, but the only way to be certain is to take HIV test.

What Are the Symptoms of HIV?

As we said, HIV can be successfully treated if diagnosed early. This means that you must know how to recognize the symptoms. Some people never experience any of the symptoms of HIV infection, and this is extremely dangerous, since it can lead to further spreading of the infection. An infected individual can not only put himself at risk of getting more ill, but can also infect other people, without even knowing about it. That is why it is extremely important to use condoms. Even though condoms cannot protect you from all sexually transmitted diseases, they remain the best protection we have against HIV.

Early symptoms of HIV include flu-like symptoms, fever, headaches, night sweats, unexpected weight loss (without any dieting), severe and persistent diarrhea, general weakness, and white spots in the mouth. One can also have red or brownish spots in the mouth and nose, but these can appear in other body parts, too. Sometimes, genital warts occur along with other symptoms.

These symptoms do not necessarily occur all at once. Sometimes, only one or two symptoms are present, or there can be none of them. People usually think that these are only flu symptoms, so they expect the symptoms to subside on their own. This can be very misleading and dangerous, not only for an infected person, but also for other people around him/her.

Anyone should test for HIV. Even if you feel perfectly fine and healthy, you should test for HIV, just to be sure. If you have had unprotected sexual intercourses, you should definitely take the test. HIV tests are very precise and you will get your results in short time. People are afraid of taking HIV test, but this fear is irrational. In fact, if you ignore the symptoms, you will put yourself at risk of developing AIDS.